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      12 Days of Christmas

      Thank you for joining us for the Northern Star Cooperative Employees: Holly Jolly Bingo!

      Starting December 8th, 2022, we will begin posting 3 bingo characters each day of the week (Monday-Friday). We will do this thru Friday, December 23rd.

      The first 24 people to score a regular bingo (5 in a row or 4 corners) will win a prize.

      Each person can only win once in regular bingo but DO NOT THROW YOUR CARD AWAY if you win! Everyone, even those who have already won, will be able to win the Blackout Bingo for the grand prize!

      Please check back to this post every day for a list of winners as well as the next day's bingo characters.

      Good Luck! To start you off on the right foot, here is the free space for everyone to mark off on their card: